Survey Results



The first edition of The Maker Report was conducted to learn more about the maker community, including: demographics, choosing between full-time and part-time maker life, best places to work from, type of products they develop, how much money they make out of it and in how much time they earned it, their goals, everyday challenges and motivations.

This independent study collected data from 104 makers in a little over 1 month. Responders are scattered throughout the world, residing in a total of 28 countries, and with an age range of 15-43+. The Maker Report was filled out by mostly men, with around 80% versus 20% of females. The method of data collection was an online survey.

You can download the survey results as a PDF and if you want to further get lost in numbers, an Excel spreadsheet with all collected data (without any personal information) is available here.

In any other digital case, just read on, click on the first chapter!

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