Motivation, focus, ideas

Growing the audience of their product(s) and finding new customers are the most challenging for most makers (67% and 57.3%), while almost 40% find it hard to work on only one idea. Staying focused is not easy for more than one quarter of respondents (30.1%). Some makers may seem lonely wolves but the data shows otherwise: only 5.8% of them find it hard to work in a team. Almost 33% said it is in fact easy for them.

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It's hard for me to...

When asked about what is the hardest task, out of all, 30.7% of makers answered that it’s growing their audience, and 25.7% said it’s finding customers.

4% of makers are afraid to launch even though their products are ready to go.

From these, the hardest is to...

Working alone is easy for most makers (59.4%), just like finding new ideas to work on (53.5%) and staying motivated (52.5%).

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31.3% of makers thrive when it comes to finding ideas to work on, and to doing it alone (22.9%).

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Almost 7% of makers are really afraid of negative feedback both before or after they launched their products, for 71.6% this is not a problem.

I'm afraid of negative feedback before/after launching my product.

6.9% of makers launch their products without asking for feedback from anyone, 61.8% are looking for feedback from some people every time, and 31.4% do it sometimes.

Before publicly launching my products I ask for feedback from a smaller group of people.